Christmas Poems for Kids

“Christmas Poems for Kids” is our favorite collection of kids’ Christmas poems. It was written by British children’s writer Paul Perro, and is published here with his permission.

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Christmas Poems for kids

by Paul Perro

All around the world, across hundreds of nations,
Families love Christmas – the tree, the decorations,
Christmas cake, carol singers, crackers, festive cheer;
Here are some poems about this special time of year.

Santa Claus

Santa has a long white beard,
It’s years since he last shaved.
He gives out toys
To girls and boys
So long as they’ve behaved.


Hang your stockings up, but first
Make sure you’ve washed them well.
Santa won’t be happy if
There is a cheesy smell.

Mince Pies

I spy with my little eye
Something beginning with “M”.
I spy
A mince pie.
I could eat a hundred of them


There is an old rule about mistletoe
And the rule is this –
If you see someone stood below
You must give them a kiss.

Christmas Tree

Look at the sparkly Christmas Tree
In your sitting room.
With all its bling
It sure does bring
Some Christmas va-va-voom!


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,
Sprouts are boiling in the pan,
I wonder if this year you’ll get
A sweater from your gran.


A snowman wears a scarf and hat
It is a winter’s day.
He’s big and round but he’s not fat
He was just built that way.

Nativity Play

Mary and Joseph, angels and stars,
An inn-keeper who has run out of beds.
A child dressed as a donkey,
The three kings’ crowns are wonky,
And the shepherds have tea-towels on their heads.