Christmas Card Verses for the Family

This great collection of Christmas Card Verses is free for your non commercial use. We have verses ideal for writing in greetings cards for all your family – mum, dad, son, daughter, and more. Some of these poems are funny, some of them are sweet. We hope you like them.

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Christmas Card Poems for Dad

The turkeys are nervous
But dad’s more nervous still –
Worried about the Christmas
Credit card bill.
I just want to say that
I do appreciate
Everything you do for me,
I think you’re really great.

Christmas Card Poems for Mum

You bring a little magic
When Christmas time is here.
I don’t know how you do it but
You do it every year.
I just want to say thank you,
For all the things you do
Not only at Christmas time
But for the whole year through


Happy Christmas Daughter Poems

You’re such a perfect daughter
You’re gorgeous, kind, and sweet.
You make each day so lovely.
You make Christmas complete.
You’re funny and you’re clever,
You’re wise and thoughtful too.
So this is just a little verse
To say that we love you.

Happy Christmas Son Poems

Do not forget to hang your stocking up.
That’s just a little reminder for you.
While we’re on the subject, since it’s Christmas,
Please tidy your other stuff away too.


Christmas Card Poem for Son/Daughter and Daughter/Son-in-law

You’re such a perfect son/daughter
No-one could ask for more
And thanks to you, now I have
A perfect son/daughter-in-law.
Having you nearby
To share this festive day
Is something to be treasured
In a very special way

Inside this card
Comes not one wish, but two.
For you both mean so much
And are loved all year through.


Christmas Card Verses for Wife or Husband

Christmas time is hectic
And there’s such a lot to do
But I’m still really happy
‘Cos I share it all with you.

Christmas time with you is
A time I would not miss.
Let’s hang a sprig of mistletoe
And seal it with a kiss.

So here’s a wish at Christmas
To hope that it will be
As lovely and as special
As you always are to me!


Ever since we married
You’ve made my dreams come true.
So all I need for Christmas
Is mistletoe and you.

We’ll curl up on the sofa
With Christmas stars above
We’ll give each other presents
And drink a toast to love.

As long as we’re together
I’m happy as can be,
Christmas with my wife/husband
Sounds pretty good to me.


Christmas Card Verses for Granddaughter

Christmas time reminds us all
How wonderful you are.
A Granddaughter, an angel,
A shining Christmas star.

You brighten up the winter
With everything you do.
And Christmas time is perfect
With a little girl like you.

You’ll make each moment magical
And with your cheeky smile
You’ll bring that extra sparkle
That makes life so worthwhile.

You’re the icing on the cake,
The fairy on the tree.
Loved and treasured very much
The way you’ll always be.



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