Teacher Appreciation Poem Collection

If you are looking for a teacher appreciation poem to write in a thank you card, then you have come to the right place. We have the funniest (but still sincere) poems on the internet, that your teacher will love. These poems are original, written specially for this site.

Many years from now, you will look back on your schooldays and remember your favourite teachers, but you will not be able to tell them how much you appreciated their hard work. If you want to thank then, you have to do it now! Please do not miss this opportunity, or you will regret it.

A poem for a Maths Teacher

Mathematics isn’t easy but
I know it has its uses
(Except for that bit about
Squares and hypotenuses).
So this boy/girl wants to thank you
For teaching him/her hard sums,
It’s bound to come in handy
Whatever he/she becomes.

A poem for an English / Poetry Teacher

We both know that poetry
Has never been my forté,
But I wanted to thank you,
And this seemed the best way.
I know what you are thinking –
“There’s hope for him/her yet!”
But don’t get too excited,
It’s from the internet.

A Poem for a Science Teacher

I have enjoyed your class this year,
Your teaching is terrific.
Thanks to you I have become
A lot more scientific.

A poem for a History Teacher

I just want to say thank you,
In a little poem,
For teaching me of Vikings,
Greeks, and Ancient Rome.

A poem for an Art Teacher

I love the stuff you teach me,
The knowledge you impart,
You’re really good at teaching,
You’ve made it a fine art.

A poem for a French Teacher

When people ask if I speak French,
From now on, I’ll say “Oui.”
So this is just a verse to say
Thank you, or, “merci”.
I don’t know if I’d cope if
I ever went to France,
But now, thanks to you I know
I’d have a fighting chance.

A poem for a Spanish Teacher

You are a great teacher and
I’ve really loved your class,
So this is just a verse to say
Thank you, “gracias.”

General Teacher Appreciation Poems

You’ve been an awesome teacher
And I just want to say,
If I could grade you
You would get an ‘A’.

I really love your class,
It really helps me grow.
You are a great teacher
The best one that I know.

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