Thank You Poems

A great collection of sincere and funny Thank You poems. Whether you want to thank someone for a gift, or for looking after a pet, for being a great teacher, or for some other unspecified act of kindness, we’ve got it covered. These poems are ideal for writing in greetings cards or emails or text messages.

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Poems to say Thank You

Thank you for your kind act
Which I will not forget;
You’re one of the nicest people
That I have ever met.


Thanks for what you did for me,
You did not have to do it.
But I glad you did because
It helped me to get through it.


Birthday Gift Thank you

It’s just what I have always wanted.
For years it’s been something I covet.
So thank you for my birthday gift,
I really really love it.


You really shouldn’t have
You’re a naughty such and such.
You spent far too much money,
But thank you very much.


Thank you very much
For the great gift that you bought.
It was very generous and I
Appreciate the thought.


Thank you for looking after my pet

Thanks for having [pet name]
He had a real nice time.
He wanted to get you a gift, but
I knew you’d prefer this rhyme.

…or, if you have got a gift:

Here’s a little gift from [pet name]
He just wanted to say,
Thanks for having him while [your name]
Was off on holiday.


Poem to say Thank You for your Hospitality

Hello it’s me again.
I just wanted to say
Thanks for your hospitality
I had a lovely stay.


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